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 Bellanina® Facial Massage

The Body Cleansing Studio


What is the Bellanina® Facial Massage?

The Bellanina® Facial Massage is a luxurious, pampering session designed to restore muscle tone and elasticity to the face and improve lymph drainage.

The Bellanina® Facial Massage is considered a “facial fitness” treatment.  It:

...gives your face a beautiful glow due to enhanced circulation

…helps restore muscle tone

…improves facial lymph drainage

…relaxes facial muscles, thereby softening facial lines

The Bellanina® Facelift Massage includes:

…hot facial towels

…21-step facial massage

…shoulders, scalp, back, neck, hands and feet massage

…honey treatment

Relief has been reported for:



…nasal congestion


Bellanina Facial massage picture
Bellanina Facial Massage around the eyes

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Bellanina Facial Massage to relax the area around the mouth