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What is the Ion Spa Detox Footbath?

The Ion Spa Detox Footbath is a ½ hour relaxing footbath that helps to pull toxins from the feet.

How does the Ion Spa Detox Footbath work?

The Ion Spa Detox Footbath helps create a magnetic field due to an ionization process that generates both positive and negative ions in the water.  Positively charged ions attach themselves to toxins and help to neutralize them.  Toxin particles are pulled through the skin and out of the body, attracted by the ion field created by the Ion Spa.

What happens during a Ion Spa Detox Footbath session?

During the session the water changes color and foreign matter may appear floating in the water.  This is due to a reaction between several things.  These include toxins that are pulled from the body, salt which is added to the water, the metals in the device that is placed in the water and the user's own acid-alkaline balance.  The colors produced are also influenced by chemical impurities in the water itself.