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What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage assists the immune system by supporting the flow of lymph fluid within the lymph vessels.  I use both manual lymph drainage and the Lymphstar Pro®, a high frequency device designed to help break up cellular protein congestion.

About the Lymph System: 

The lymphatic system is actually a network of hair-thin capillaries called lymph vessels.  The lymph system is composed of vessels, ducts and nodes that are constantly moving fluids throughout the body.  The lymph system is our 2nd circulatory system, and the fluid contained within this system is called lymph fluid.

The lymph system is a vital part of our immune system.  It protects our bodies and helps to keep us healthy by filtering and eliminating toxins.  Lymph fluid travels throughout the lymph vessels, draining waste from the tissues in our bodies.  The lymph fluid then travels to lymph nodes, where it gets filtered.   Lymph nodes fight against bacteria, viruses, yeast and other invading organisms.  The lymph nodes contain white blood cells, which are the cells that fight against these invading organisms. 

Why does the immune system get compromised? 

Many factors play a role in immune function.  Stress, poor diet, lack of water and exercise and high sugar intake are a few factors that can lead to a weakened immune system.  All these must be addressed if we want to truly support our bodies in being as healthy as we can.

What causes lymphatic congestion? 

There are many different factors that may lead to a “sluggish” lymph system.  These may include the natural aging process, surgery, injuries, hormone imbalances, chronic constipation, as well as factors mentioned earlier (stress and poor nutrition), and environmental toxins. Lymph vessels can get clogged with protein deposits.   When this happens, the fluid moves too slowly and the vessels get congested.

If the lymph system gets sluggish and blocked, things will not move well, swelling or edema may occur in the tissues, toxic waste will not be able to be released efficiently, and our immune system will not be able to function at it’s best.

How can the lymph system be helped so that the fluid moves efficiently?

Moving the lymph fluid is vital to rejuvenating the body!  If the lymph is moving, toxins and wastes can be eliminated and this is key to our well-being.  Lymphatic drainage includes techniques to open pathways in the lymph system.  Manual lymph drainage involves the use of hands to manually move and stimulate lymph fluid and lymph nodes.  As well as manual techniques, equipment can also be used to help drain the lymph system and move lymph fluid

What is the Lymphstar Pro®? 

The Lymphstar Pro® is a vibrational massage instrument.  It’s an electronic product designed to provide an extremely low energy electrostatic field.  It uses high frequency sound and pulsation and emits acoustic waves.  The emissions are gentle and safe.  Thousands of micro-pulsations are delivered to the skin.  An electro-static energy field is transmitted through a glass tube which is gently moved on the surface of the skin.  It has been engineered to help dilate the vessels via the sympathetic nerves and stimulate the flow of fluid within the lymph system. 

Protein structures in the body break down through normal cellular metabolism. Protein structures can also become damaged and when they are damaged, they are carried away by the lymphatic system.  If these proteins are not fully removed, the lymph system can get clogged and various conditions may develop.  Edema is a condition in which lymph fluid stagnates within the vessels, causing swellings.   The Lymphstar Pro® was engineered to help break up congestion of proteins in the cells.

The Lymphstar Pro® is a wonderful adjunct to use with manual lymph drainage, since the Lymphstar Pro® is able to break up congestion, while the manual drainage encourages the directional flow of lymph fluid. 

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